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How To Sell Your Photos Online and Make Money

A Free Way To Make money

Most people are interested in making money online but do not know what to sell online.

There are three basic ways to make money from your photos.

1. Sell them over the web-stock photos

2. Create products out of your photos . You can create cards with your photos on it or a story book such as animal book for kids containing photos of animals with short descriptions.

3. Render services using your skills to people who need to carve a memory of their events on paper.

How to Name Your Photos

People who search for photos online using search engines as google, Yahoo, or others would use particular keywords related to photos. So try and name your photos in such a way as to fit the description criteria that people would be searching for. For instance, if you have the picture of a businessman, don’t put the name of the businessman as your keyword except where you want to market that particular businessman. You can use “businessman” as a keyword because that’s what people are likely to search for.

Also, take advantage of mis-spelling to make more money from your pictures. You see a lot of people will mis-spell the search word. For example someone might spell “businessman” as “businessman”. Now because of the mis-spelling, the search engine would give your own picture precedence over others if it was spelled that way, meaning more exposure, more downloads and ultimately more pay.

Some photos and images are in high demand more than others. This includes photos that depict beautiful nature and scenes (trees, beaches, sunset; electronic elements that could easily be used on websites; photos of different currencies (money); business related photos and images such as pile of news papers, calculators etc; funny pictures; photos that appear to be libelous and with an unsubstantiated appearance. Take for an instance, A Pastor in front of a sign for a porn movie which implies he is going to see the porn sign.

The images that sell depict concepts, generic objects or succinctly capture the essence of ideas, emotions or travel destinations.

Where can I Sell My Photos and Images?

It is evident that you make money only when your photos are sold. The best is to put up your stock photos for sell on the web.

You gather all your photos as you take them, upload them to a website and name them appropriately with the proper keywords.

You can either upload these images and photos on your own website or go over to photo agencies.

You can sell your photos on bigstockphoto, dreamstime, fotolia, shutterstock, 123RF, crestock, shutterpoint, ifp3, and many others.

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